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Many young developers in the beginning appears this dilemma. What is better, what is useful, where higher wages, and many other questions are there … I shared some views and thoughts derived mainly from personal experience, and you consider them and I hope it will help you in choosing when it is their turn.

The benefits of working as a freelancer

When you work as a freelancer, the first thing that comes to mind with the word freelancer is free-time, to work when you want and how you want. Then, the location, you can work wherever you want, and to travel around the world to your office equal place with internet access.

What I would point out as the great benefits and the experience is direct communication with customers, so besides developing call, you will learn how to communicate with customers, how to plan projects and organize teams. This is certainly an experience that can help in the future when you have to plan your team, and your agency, if you want that.

Disadvantages freelance work

First of all, it takes a lot more effort in the beginning, because customers will not have much understanding and colleagues with whom you work. The client is paying you, and he expects the finished service. Another thing that customers regularly insist is that for less money ,they get more your time, so you should make sure to balance your time and efficiency.

It’s not impossible to be a good manager and developer, but the extra energy will certainly take the organization, because you have to plan your time, and to compel themselves to do the same and has been observed since no one else, just you alone. No one stimulus when see people around who work, this energy doesn’t carry you, so it will always be difficult to cope with various distractions in the home office or cafe environment.

As a freelancer, you have no paid vacation, but if you decide to go on a vacation, you need to compensate for absence from work, otherwise your budget to certainly feel, because you higher hourly rate, to the day when you are not working and more costly.

If you’re the type of person who tends to improve in specific areas, to become an expert, with freelance work you will do it very difficult, because you definitely have to perfect their communication and leadership skills in order to have a constant flow of projects and tasks.

Advantages of working in the Agency

As I previously mentioned it, the agency will certainly be able to devote to developing and perfecting their knowledge in specific areas, and you will not lose focus and energy on management and organization. Even, agency and is for the purpose of making you a better developer, so it is not a rare situation that the agencies have paid participation in various conferences and seminars.

In a well-organized agency there is a system of work which emphasizes specialization, that everyone develops skills in their field, and the team is there to provide the conditions for it. Members of the team will take care of the other areas in which they are experts,  so the final product will be much better.

Let’s not ignore the support of colleagues who do the same job as you, so if are not your day, and you get stuck somewhere, you have someone to consult about solutions to the problem that is bothering you all day.

The most important thing is that i have a steady flow of tasks, and you do not have to waste time and energy to communicate with the client, and their constant face a new idea, but people rely on your expertise, and as an expert to the job you finished with the best solution,  you are doing what you love, and things in which you are good.

Disadvantages work in the agency

Don’t drop to just brag job agency, the agency can have a variety of problems, and make you want to escape to freelance, just to get rid of those meaningless procedures and pains that you experience every day. The most common problem is in the organization, and some conditions that agency requires. Is it in terms of the fixed-time and monitor every minute of work, rigorous clauses in contracts, or poor organization of work, where most think of management that pays more attention to the project and to meet the client, but his people and his team.

Simply, there are many things that can interfere with the agency. One thing is for sure, our branch is such that there is now a huge range of positions, so you can change the environment, change the agency, not on the basis of one to generalize that all such. Let us learn from experience, and in a better arrange the following conditions.

In the end, what is better …?

Nothing ever can be in black and white, not even this division. The specific advice is to sit down and put on paper your priorities, and what is important to you, but to be honest with yourself, and based on that fix what’s best for you at this time. What you want to devote, how much energy you are willing to invest, and do not forget to be constantly in the training that you have a stable source of income to be able to devote their energy and other things in life rather than to work all day and night. You should now be secured for the future (believe me, will run out before the time, and not so good finish).

When all that you define, add, and subtract, you’ll see that it’s not just about where you can earn more.


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