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The final years of college, and I still don’t have much in common with IT-operation. Honestly, I didn’t think I would do such a thing. I did not even know what IT involves. I studied at the Faculty various technical objects, programming elements, other related things, but I have not had a chance to see something concrete and tangible.

On the other hand, there is a very high dynamics with testing deadlines and obligations, that we might not get even a little bit to think about whether what we have learned, can we really be interested in devoting some part of it.

Finally – awakening

That’s how I learned different parts of IT, I learned and passed over many subjects, only so I could finished it as soon as posible so i didn’t manage to recognize myself in it.

Finally, thanks to some classes in the final year of college, a desire awakened in me to learn something about it and I began to think what I’ll do in my life, what will I do for a living.

The terrifyng first step

I accidentally applied to internship in a company, in order to familiarize myself with HTML, CSS and similar things. So I could see what this is all about and whether I like it and if I could find myself in it. I have learned some basic things related to HTML and CSS, a lot of things because of the mentioned subjects in the final year, but aside from it  I learned it little by myself. However, I knew very little.

I still remember that day when I went to interview for internship – for 5 minutes learned more practical things than in all the years of studying. Before the interview began, I saw some developers to working  on their computers, and when I looked at the monitors of some of them I almost froze. I barely recognized something of what was encoded, I felt nervous of the conversation, perhaps even a kind of fear.

I must admit, I was embarrassed of how little I knew. But that only motivated me to start to seriously study and engage in this field.

I can create (my own) future

Someone once said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” I fully agree with this – nowadays, thanks to the Internet, everyone can learn something new and make his way.

So I’ve decided to create my future – I started, I learned, I tried … lost hope, but didn’t give up. I knew that the result must come, it’s important just to move on.

Yeah, and the result came. After a year I started in the same firm as an apprentice and I learned a lot, maybe I am just not aware of how much. I have much more to learn, I still have to try hard and work hard, but I will not give up. Now I know I’m on the right track, I don’t have a dilemma.

What’s important, what is the first step

It is important to begin. It is irrelevant whether you are going to learn over the Internet, from some course, in college, or any other way … it’s only important that you engage around it and to warm the seat, to browse the Internet for various literature, tutorials, whatever you want, the choice is huge.

What matters is that if you begin, you do not give up, to motivate yourself to go further and learn more, to practice what you learn. Only by practicing and only practicing you can achieve something when it comes to programming, or anything else. The results will come very quickly. The results will surely come.

How much you really want

Anyone who is even remotely interested in programming I recommend that you start step by step to learn and develop, because in these lines of codes there is something hiding inside that you can create yourself. In that connection with coding a love for this work can be born and the desire for more knowledge and challenges.

Therefore it is important that we ask ourselfs what are we learging, what are we interested in particularly, and then to initiate and show how much you really want. In fact, we need to engage and build our own future, and we will only do it in one way – with work, effort, dedication, engagement.

Only two things are important – begin and do not stop.

Every time when they ask you if you can do some work, you say you can. And then get busy and find out how to do it. ” – Theodore Roosevelt


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Magdalena Obrenović

Front End Developer @Quantox Technology

I am completing studies at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak, department of Information Technologies. For the past six months, I was an intern in the firm Quantox Technology as a Front End Developer, and now i officially work there. I spend my free time with my friends and family, and when I have time I love to read books and watch movies.

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