We are recommending books for programmers: Minko Gechev


Minko Gechev is a member of the core Angular team at Google. He was also a speaker at the ITkonekt Conference in 2019.

We asked Minko about his favorite books which he might recommend to his colleagues and we’re conveying his choice to you, accompanied by his comments for every book. He noted that these were only some of the many professional books he’d read and liked.

The first book on the list is Programming Pearls, which Minko said was a “language agnostic book which talks about elegant programming solutions.”

Minko’s second favorite book is Pragmatic Programmer, a book that, according to him, gives a good high-level overview of the paradigms and practices.

The next one is Algorithms (Robert Sedgewick & Kevin Wayne), which Minko said was a good, not too mathematical, book on algorithms.

Minko recommended the book Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools as an excellent book on compilers.

Recommended for the enthusiasts only, a theoretical computer science book Types and Programming Languages is focused on the type systems.



Minko also selected several non-technical books that had helped him to acquire new and useful knowledge.

The first one is the book Thinking, Fast and Slow. Then, there is Algorithms to live by, which Minko said was kind of a technical book but was still fun because it explained where we could apply the algorithms in everyday life. Likewise, Minko listed the book How not to be wrong which shows the use of mathematics in real life.

To this, we only add that you should also definitely read Minko’s book Switching to Angular: Third Edition 😉 It’s still up-to-date and it’s a great intro to Angular for more experienced programmers.

What’s your opinion on Minko’s book choice and what are your favorite books? Write to us in a comment 🙂


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