Optimize data fetching in 3 steps in Java Spring Application


Online ITkonekt conference 2020, which took place on September 26-27, hosted some of the world’s most famous IT speakers. One of the speakers was Marina Božić, Senior Software Developer @ Avisto Eastern Europe.

With more than 10 years of experience working on distributed Web applications and custom ETL tools, Marina is currently working as a Senior Software Developer at Avisto Eastern Europe. She enjoys dealing with the challenges of modern enterprise software architectures as well as cloud native systems. Life-long learning is something she believes in and she found her role as a mentor within Avisto’s ambitious internship program.

The topic of Marina Božić’s talk was: Optimize data fetching in 3 steps in Java Spring Application.

Fetching and preserving data is a tale as old as time. We need the persistence layer and we need to communicate with it. But how we do it can make a real difference and dramatically impact the application performance.

In her talk, Marina spoke about picking the right tool for the job. She took us through the three steps she made in her work to archive a flawless application: Entity Graph, JPQL and Redis based cache.

Watch the full video of Marina’s talk at ITkonekt 2020:

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