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Online ITkonekt conference 2020, which took place on September 26-27, hosted some of the world’s most famous IT speakers.  One of the speakers was Budimir Bogićević, Senior Software Engineer @

Budimir has more than 20 years of experience in software industry. After graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, he started working as software developer in Belgrade. Since then, in various roles in teams and companies, he participated or was the author of a large number of systems and applications.

He had opportunities to develop himself as a programmer, engineer, product owner or business analyst, project manager or scrum master. He has been producing software applications and learning a lot from different branches of industry and economy: banking, trading, oil & gas, energy, smart grid, airline business etc.

As a lecturer he participated in some of the largest events in Serbia and the region.

Currently, he is working in software company Enjoying, as Senior Software Engineer/Line Manager.

Budimir Bogićević talk was about Elastic Full-Text Search.

ElasticSearch is the most popular search engine and the number of users is increasing every day. It can significantly improve the performance of your application, especially if you work with a large amount of data.

ElasticSearch is distributed and easy to use. It has a great full text search, which can be applied very flexibly, including synonyms, fuzzy logic, misspelled words, etc. Analyzers allow efficiently use in a variety of languages. A good understanding of how ElasticSearch works under the hood, and how full text search functions, can significantly influence you to apply various techniques and optimize your applications.

Budimir will try to bring viewers closer to the basic concepts on which Elastic full-text search is based. He will go through the ways of indexing data, explain how to improve the relevance and precision of the search, as well as the algorithms that Elastic uses in doing so.

He will also touch on the most important and most frequently used features of full-text queries. He will explain searching multiple fields, as well as best practices for per-field boosting, but also how misspellings in your data can be handled.

I hope that this lecture will contribute to a better understanding of ElasticSearch engine, but also that it will encourage the audience to explore and learn about its possibilities.

Watch full video of Budimir’s talk at ITkonekt 2020:



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