Providing exclusive store experience on Web using Sitecore JSS and React


Online ITkonekt conference 2020, which took place on September 26-27, hosted some of the world’s most famous IT speakers.  Two of the speakers were Ana Arsić, Software Architect @ Namics and Tamara Jončić, Senior Frontend Engineer @ Namics.

Ana Arsić is Software Architect with more than 14 years of experience in software engineering. In Namics she is responsible for Sitecore Solution Architecture and Development, Software Development .Net (C#), Software Design and Architecture, Web services, Web development and Working in Agile setup. The biggest Namics’ project she was engaged on is B2C eCommerce Platform, Personalised cross-channel shopping experience e-commerce solution implementation using Sitecore XC for Jelmoli.

Tamara is Senior Frontend Engineer. She has more than 6 years of experience in Frontend engineering and from 2017 she has been responsible for projects in Namics. Her most important projects were development of B2C eCommerce and customer portal for Sunrise, enhancement of Nettoshop’s eCommerce portal, relaunching website and online calculators for Credit Suisse as well as relaunch website and online shop for Jelmoli. Her area of expertise includes: JS, ES6, Typescript, React.js, Redux, MobX, Jest, CSS3/ SCSS, Webpack, Storybook, Git, CI/CD, SVN, Bootstrap, Material-UI, REST, BEM, Atomic Design, Mobile-first Approach and Working in Agile setup (Scrum).

Ana and Tamara’s talk was about Providing exclusive store experience on Web using Sitecore JSS and React.

A comprehensive web platform for exclusive brand stores predominantly implies a user-friendly interface, no matter how many requirements it handles. Specifically, combine e-commerce and content management systems had to be combined to make everything easily accessible, easy-to-use, responsive and with mobile first approach.

How did Namics team achieve that? What did their experience look like?

They chose Sitecore Platform JSS feature to link Frontend components (developed in React) with the ones setup in Sitecore CMS. The architectural part is quite innovative because JSS is a new tool developed by Sitecore, which facilitates the development by allowing engineers to create features using a headless approach.

Ana and Tamara shared more information about the experience of working with JSS, how it helped them to overcome difficulties in integrating Frontend React based components with Sitecore CMS and Sitecore Commerce and they underlined the innovations that JSS offers.

Watch full video of Ana’s and Tamara’s talk at ITkonekt 2020:



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