Author: Jasmina Davidović

BI Developer@Avisto Eastern Europe

Jasmina Davidović was born on 26.08.1968 in Pančevo. She graduated from the Belgrade Computer Business School with the title of Information technology engineer and has a 25-year long career in the IT sector as a database design engineer and database analyst, developer, project leader, report designer and BI developer.
She started her career in Pancevo at HIP “Development and Engineering” and successfully continued her career at “Universiade Belgrade 2009”, “IT Excellent”, “Analytx Ltd.”, “ComTrade” and finally “Avisto Eastern Europe“.
She is employed by Avisto Company as a BI Developer with more than 10 years of experience in this field, covering work in the field of integration, analytics and report services.

BI Business Intelligence – in order to make effective business decision-making