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With the first indications that working from home will become the safest way to do business during the pandemic, we at Better Collective decided on this option before the state of emergency was even declared.

For our employees, teleworking was not an enormous change, considering that they’ve already had the opportunity to do so, if they so desired. However, having in mind that no one knows how long this pandemic is going to last and wishing to protect our workers, we did our best to provide all the necessities for comfortable work from home. We didn’t want them to feel isolated or lonely. We have raised the level of internal communications, because it is important for us to be connected with our colleagues during the pandemic, as is the case when we are together in the office. To achieve this, in the past few weeks we have celebrated the 16th birthday of BC through social networks, organized Gaming evenings, and presented the annual reporting of the company. All this separate, but together. Other than not being in the office together, it hasn’t changed much.

“We got all the computer equipment we needed to work from home, and VPN was provided to everyone who needed it. The manager informed us about the situation in the company and what steps to take next. The working day for me and my team starts around eight o’clock, when we start with our usual daily tasks, we have meetings, both among ourselves and with our managers. In light of this situation, some protocols have been changed so that something that needs to be signed can be confirmed by email. All in all, except being separated from my colleagues, I am quite happy to be out of the office. So our work continues as usual”, Says our Milan Nikolić.

However, it is important to maintain a routine and arrange the space for work from home, so the feeling that you are at work is not lost.

“The possibility to bring all the equipment we need to work is a huge plus. As for working from home, I try to maintain the constant routine that I’ve had while we were in the office, so as not to lose the feeling that I am at work. As for performing the tasks, the first few days were hard, because we lost the opportunity to solve a certain dilemma in a few minutes, but we have already got into the new rhythm and continued to function as before. It seems to me that we are more supportive, but also very creative, because now we have more ways to solve a problem”, Said Jelena Perović.

On the other hand, although working from home does not seem to differ much in terms of productivity and working conditions, Maciej Niepieklo from the office in Poland says that he misses coming to the office.

“I noticed that I miss going to the office. I miss the time with my colleagues, jokes during the morning coffee, regular conversations about projects, relaxation during FIFA matches on Xbox. Then I realized that our office is not a place where we are just colleagues, but friends.”

Since we are in the iGaming affiliate marketing niche, we’ve had to keep our business in line with all the changes, as almost all the traditional sports are paused or delayed. We have adapted the content on our sites to the new conditions fairly quickly. Since, for example, there are no Premier League matches, the content on our sites is not focused on it, but on the e-sports that are still active. Still, the prediction is that all the major sporting events except EURO 2020 will return to normal in the other half of 2020. We look forward to the return of sports that we all enjoy, but nothing is more important than people’s health and safety.


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