How to hire a senior programmer? – Experience from Serbian market


On the Serbian market companies every day faced with a lack of senior programmers who in addition to many years of experience in programming using specific technologies, have business knowledge in specific industries.

I will share experience from Puzzle Software, domestic companies operating locally and internationally, and currently consists of senior developers mainly focused on PHP, Java and .NET technologies.

How to hire senior developers despite the deficit on the Serbian market?

In order to meet any need, my experience is that it is necessary to know the actors who participate in this process. As part of the company that employs mostly senior developers, I will say that it is not easy, but possible – to find, hire and retain quality senior developers.

How To Hire A Senior Programmer Experience From Serbian MarketIn this way, it is necessary to know the market developers, their habits, attitudes and expectations, and market trends which are influenced by local and foreign influences.

Since the Puzzle Software primarily engaged in creating a complete software architecture and complex IT solutions at client’s request, the new staff is expected that, in addition to professional knowledge in programming and software development, and have the experience and understanding of “how business really works.” The mission of the company is reflected in the creation of “virtual worlds” from the initial idea to the final product.

Over the past year the number of employees in Puzzle Software recorded a growth of nearly 3 times. How? We constantly monitor the market demand, the development and application of new technologies, and the most important is to maintain contact with potential candidates.

On the one hand, it is necessary to take into account the interests of developers when it comes to experts from the specific knowledge and skills, and the desire for progress. It is also necessary to pay attention to interesting projects and technologies that are used because they are critical motivators for long-term employment of senior developers.

During the observed year in Puzzle Software is organized in dozens of interviews with potential candidates for senior business developer’s. The recruitment process was done and surveys on the attitudes of developers when it comes to their employment, which to me as someone who is primarily engaged in marketing the company helps to meet the target market.

The summarized data show that the Serbian market is almost no senior programmer who is unemployed. On a scale of 1-5, satisfaction with the current operating environment is rated an average score of 3.59. The most commonly cited reasons for the change in the current job / company are sufficiently creative and challenging tasks, tedious projects and a sense more knowledge.

Razlozi Za Promenu Posla

When making the decision on the change of working environment, the highest estimated criteria are professional challenge through creative tasks, those in which it works, security in the form of permanent employment and monthly earnings. Awareness and company size as well as the benefits that it provides, the attitudes of senior programmers, are not very important.

Uticaj Faktora Na Promenu Radne Sredine

Heaving in mind that the very demand on the Serbian market, the question is how do advertise an open position working for a senior programmer to be seen by the target group. Answers were collected during the mentioned research shows that with the developers still attractive ads through employment websites. However, they are entered in large part through referrals colleagues / friends or by direct contact from the company.

Izvori Oglasa Za Posao

Basically, every employee is important to have a “secure job”, and senior developers is important, and “the challenge in business.” They define a secure job through regular cash earnings of the company which has strong references and long-term projects with the trend of growth. The challenge in the business are described as the application of new technologies and logic in solving problems through no-template assignments.

For a moment, I’ll be on the personal attitude mentioned at the beginning – to meet what is necessary, you must know the actors who participate in this process. Meet their needs, desires and expectations, will achieved a higher target company. The launch strategy in Puzzle Software is so far gave significant positive results. You can consider to use the same when considering how to employ and retain senior programmers.


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