Reconsider the Way You Hire Based on this 12 Recruiting Stats


Hiring a new employee is getting more expensive and more time consuming every year – partly because companies realized how crucial good employees are and partly because attracting good people is hard.

Read latest statistics and enhance your hiring process.

Here you can see 12 statistics that changed the way thousands of people approach recruiting.

Interactions With Employees Are The Best Way To Get Insights

Social media sites offer much more transparency and because of this companies can no longer hide behind marketing tricks and gimmicks. Despite this being true people still believe that the best way to get insights into a company is by interacting with the company’s current employees.


2x As Likely To Accept Cold Emails If They’ve Interacted With Your Brand

No one likes getting cold emails and that is a stone-cold truth. But if you allow your employees to promote your brand on social media, your potential candidates can learn about your company and get to know you. This way you can show them all they want to know without being intrusive.


It Takes Around 27 Days To Make A New Hire

It is important to take hiring process seriously, but the problem with complex processes is that top talent is off the market very quickly. To solve this problem you should be constantly looking for ways to optimize the process, and of course, use technology to help you. Companies which do not use an recruitment software can’t effectively track and manage high volumes of CVs, losing the interest of qualified candidates in the process.


The Best Candidates Are Off The Market In 10 Days

Every team wants and needs all-star players. This is why you need to do whatever it takes to get them. Make this your main goal and strive to accomplish it. The best candidates have many offers, so you need to move quickly and shorten the process, make an exception. It will be worth it.


The Average Cost Per Hire Has Risen To $4000

Hiring a new employee is getting more and more expensive. This is just one more reason to go the extra mile to make sure that you’re hiring the right person for the job and most importantly for your team. Hiring for culture fit is easier said than done, but the effort is well worth it.


60% Of Employers Are Concerned With The Cost Of Unfilled Positions

Unfilled positions bring nothing good. From the revenue lost from missed business, the money lost from employees who have to do more with less, to the money it takes to fix mistakes made when employees are doing too much to handle. All this can be avoided by hiring a decent new employee. Cloud based recruitment software is one of the most effective options for businesses who want to improve their application acquisition success.


64% Of Applicants Share Negative Application Experiences.

27% Actively Discourage Others From Applying

Emailing every single applicant to give them a positive or negative response is crucial for creating a good perception of your company. It might a bit tedious, but it is definitely worth it. Especially now with social media, the word can spread very quickly, and you don’t want negative comments spreading about your company.


60% Of Candidates Quit An Application Process That Takes Too Long

The problem is a hiring process that is not well optimized and therefore takes too long. By using new technology this can be greatly improved. In return you get more candidates and you are able to scan them faster.

Even your chances of hiring an all-star improve.


15% Of Candidates Who Have A Positive Hiring Experience Put More Effort Into The Job

It’s important to make a candidate feel good from the first moment you interact with him. Every part of the experience should be well thought out and executed with care. If it is, your future employee will instantly start caring for your company, and he will go the extra mile to make your company successful.


Over 75% Of Professionals Are Passive Candidates

Build and maintain your brand because it will allow you to source great talent. Most people are passive candidates and often all it takes is just a little push to get them to switch over to your company. Don’t ignore passive candidates or you will miss out on a giant pool of talent. There are modern recruitment softwares that offer tool for sourcing candidates and add profiles from the most popular social and professional networks directly into your recruiting pipeline.


46% Of Recruiters See Recruiting Becoming More Like Marketing

This number should be higher because recruiting really is becoming exactly like marketing. Both passive and active candidates should be treated like ladies in a funnel, the same way that marketing treats their leads. It’s hard to attract top talent, but if you do it systematically, results will come.


Employee Turnover Can Be Reduced By Investing In Your Employer Brand

Employee turnover costs a ton of money. Doing whatever you can to reduce it is obviously important for the company. The entire experience from A-Z needs to be great so that employees love working for your company.




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