A journey from Java Enthusiast to Development Lead


Currently, Stoyan is Development Lead at BULPROS, and works in the company’s headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. He shares with us some interesting insights and tells us about his journey from Java Enthusiast to Development Lead.

1. How did you start learning Java?

I am really surprised that such a simple question is so difficult to answer. My answer is quite complex, so I will try to divide it into micro-answers.

Why? Because it seemed to me that Javais an interesting and flexible programming language.

When? My first contact with Java was in 2008.

Where? At the Technical University in Sofia, and then as a trainee in an outsourcing company.

2. What is the most interesting aspect of your work with Java?

It’s fascinating to work with such a widespread technology because you can always rely on the Java community. There are tons of open source libraries dedicated to Java development, and they offer an inexhaustible source of knowledge and a comprehensive toolbox for solving various problems. Moreover, being such a popular technology itself, Java is powerful enough to impose new trends and create a strong development environment through a stable ecosystem.

Apart from the technological point of view, we can look at Java from a different angle. Considering business as the driving engine for a favorable economic and financial environment, we can conclude that it is quite practical and definitely a good to be Java developer. Java is a dominant programming language, considering the enterprise horizon on a global level. By working on Java projects, one can broaden their own entrepreneurial worldview.

3. How and when did you get promoted to Development Lead? Is it a long way to go from Java Developer to Development Lead?

I was promoted to a Development Lead last year. It was a chance, which BULPROS gave me.

When we make plans for the future, it seems that the happy path is always straightforward. The truth is – there is rarely a happy path in life. We should always adapt, and just by adaptation, we can reach perfection. In addition, we should not forget the dreams and desires, which drive us. I’ve always wrapped my desires in goals. Goals are something that should happen in some time-box. And this is how persistency is born. And that’s how I became a Development Lead.

4. What is your typical working day as Development Lead at BULPROS?

Every new day is different from the previous ones. This is one of the most enjoyable aspects of working at BULPROS. I currently participate in several projects whose status and stage of development are important to me and to the company. I have to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that the employees are well acquainted with their tasks and priorities.

The selectionand recruitment of the people I work with is also an important part of my daily routine. Coffee is also an inevitable part of my working day. I need it in order to keep the inertia accumulated in the morning.

5. What challenges are you facing now? What projects are you currently working on?

I think one should add value to the company he works for. For me, adding value means to give 100% of yourself, not only for the project you are working on, but also to take part in side-by-side corporate initiatives.

A good example is an initiative that is of great importance for me and for the company in the long run. It’s about a new IT academy aimed at training highly qualified and highly efficient IT professionals. We focus both on experienced people and on students who are still making their way in the IT business world.

6. What would you like to share with the Java professionals in Serbia?

It’s an honor for me to work with my Serbian colleagues. I really like their way of working and their mindset. I had the opportunity to make technical talks with software specialists from Belgrade. I believe that all of them are passionate about what they do. I think that Serbian market has a big potential.


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Stoyan Dimitrov

Development Lead @BULPROS

Stoyan Dimitrov is a software developer with over 9 years of experience in both outsourcing and product areas. He has vast expertise in the enterprise domain, mainly as a back-end developer for banking, procurement companies and IoT Saas solution providers. Nevertheless, he has experience in all the tiers of the project development life cycle.

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