Which are the most wanted IT jobs in Serbia


The fact is that the unemployment rate in Serbia is extremely high, employers often a challenge to find in the labor market professionals with certain specific qualifications. ManpowerGroup compan is engaged in providing services in the field of human resource management, daily encounters with requests from clients where they seek candidates with very specific skills, licenses, experience on certain projects and the like. These images are usually in short supply in the labor market and already employed by another employer, and companies often struggle in the market to attract and retain qualified professionals.

At the top of the most wanted profiles on the market are experts in the field of IT industry. Our experiences and the experiences of our customers show that among the most precisely developers with years of experience in a particular programming language. Among the most popular are Java, .Net, PHP, C ++ developers, as well as Android, iOS and developers with experience in other technologies.

Which Are The Most Wanted It Jobs In SerbiaVery often companies are looking for candidates who in addition to programming experience have experience in manage projects or teams, bringing the number of potential candidates in the market further reduced.

Experiences ManpowerGroup company in Serbia speak to the customer inquiries for IT professionals in the last two years have tripled, which caused the fact that the developer with several years of experience on average receives three to four calls per month with a proposal to consider a specific open position. However, regardless of the very large customer needs for professionals and frequent impairments in finding appropriate candidates with experience, IT companies in Serbia are very pleased with our staff.

This is confirmed by the fact that it is already noticeable for several years a significant increase in the number of companies that decide to open up development centers in our country, but also to companies that already have operations in Serbia, create new jobs and expand the business.


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Ana Mijatović

Business Development Lead SME @ManpowerGroup

She is working seven years in the field of HR, of which four years spent dealing exclusively selection and recruitment of staff.

From 2010 is in ManpowerGroup Compan, where after working as HR Consultant has joined 2014  the team for the sale of services and market development.

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