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What does NoSQL practically means?

NoSQL is an attractive abbreviation for “Not Only SQL”, which means that it’s not a relational database, so there is no relation between the classic data tables.

One of the reasons NoSQL databases were introduced was due to the fact that SQL databases take up a lot of resources. Also, the data structure in NoSQL databases is considered to be more flexible than in the relational database. There are several types of NoSQL database; a classical division is based on the “data model”: Column, Document, Key-Value Graph and Multi-model.

Unlike relational databases, NoSQL databases apply different mechanisms for storing and linking data. If it’s not necessary for data to be stored in data tables, or there are links that cannot be presented by classic SQL relations and we need to quickly access data, then NoSQL database should be used.

So the main benefit of the NoSQL database is that they are very good for what they are intended. You do not need to force NoSQL database for those things that are not intended.

To meet its customer needs, PRODYNA decided to use neo4j database that belongs to the graphical model NoSQL, because it showed great performance.

Neo4j is the first, and also the best database belonging to the graphical model. Neo4j gives the best performance with read and write data, while at the same time protecting the integrity of the database. The only solution for large systems that combines the natural storage graphs, scalable architecture that is optimized to display the required data and also supports ACID standards that allows it to provide relational queries.

Here are some reasons why companies should decide to choose neo4j:

  1. The first and best database based on the graphical model
  2. The largest and most active community
  3. High performance of read and write data
  4. Easy to learn
  5. Easy to implement and use


Visual display neo4j base

Neo4j in practice – ADAM Knowledge Hub

Adama Knowledge Hub is a project that best illustrates the efficiency of Neo4j database. Because of the need to link data, collected from fifty countries, and the fact that this data has dynamic relations; the ideal technical model for performance data is a graph.

If SQL database would have been used for such situation,  operations to delete or change or relation would be extremely costly and potentially could jeopardize the performance and stability of the entire system, while in neo4j this operation is trivial.


PRODYNA is an innovative IT company that provides consulting services regarding digital business transformation and software that is customized to customer requirements and needs. PRODYNA specializes in the development of complex business and web applications based on open source technologies.

In order to fulfill client’s requirements, at PRODYNA there is a need for continuous improvement and finding new solutions. One of these solutions is a NoSQL database neo4j.NoSQL database has been created in order to overcome disadvantages of the SQL database.

For any additional questions regarding implementation of neo4j database, please contact us.


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