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Idea for applications development for mobile platforms was born in 2009 when the first iPhone devices started to appear. Upon the release of Android operation system Ver.2.0 and the first Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, development on Android platform started.

Challenges in this area of programming are enormous, accuracy and speed are crucial, internet connection can be relatively weak, especially with transfer of data packages, and one works with an exceptionally restricted  format of mobile phone screen. The task is to present customers with complete information from global stock markets, as on desktop applications or web platforms.

Development took place at the same time: server-side support for mobile devices and client-side applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Customers that have been using TeleTrader services for many years welcomed and quickly accepted the application on mobile devices. Business information is now available literally any time, any place.

TeleTrader Stock Markets mobile application in stiff global competition among data providers

Along with the existing TeleTrader customers, Stock Markets mobile application is becoming widely accepted by users of all other mobile devices that are interested in stock market information.

Despite stiff competition with the biggest global companies such as Bloomberg, Yahoo, Google and others, TeleTrader finds its way to the end customer through quality. And this is, above all, due to the uncompromising policy of providing accurate, reliable and fast information in a well-designed and funcional application.

A small number of other applications offers everything that TeleTrader Stock Markets does in one place. There’s a view of markets, commodities, indexes, currencies, interest rates, ETFs – presented in a number of different ways. There are watchlists, virtual portfolio, stock market and business news. The application is enriched by powerful interactive charts for technical analysis as well as personalized notifications about price changes of securities. Then, there are detailed views of financial data as well as fundamental data of the largest global companies with numerous tools for view and search. And all that is available any time, any place!

And there’s stock from Belgrade Stock Exchange!

Yes, maybe some may think that it only concerns those “out there.“  But, there’s also data from Belgrade Stock Exchange: indexes and shares. It’s worth noting that there’s a real-time currency list of our national currency to over 100 currencies of other countries – it’s good to have a currency converter that works even without internet connection!

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Predrag Mihailović

Senior Java & Android developer @TeleTrader

Predrag Mihailović is a software engineer with over 25 years of professional experience in IT industry. He is most experienced in application development and implementation of business information systems, as well as in the area of applications for market trading support. He has been working in TeleTrader d.o.o. Belgrade since 2000. His current position is Senior Java and Android developer.

He is always ready to learn and open for new challenges. 

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