A worldview through smart glasses


Classes of mathematics, physics and programming were one of my favourite classes since high school so I decided to follow my interests and apply to studies at Faculty of Informational Technologies in Mostar. I knew that programming was my profession but I had no idea that in a few years I would be in San Francisco visiting a client, developing an application for smart glasses, writing this text and sharing my experiences.

My first work experience was in one microcredit organization where I worked as an associate in IT sector for three months. I started looking for a new job opportunity afterwards, with a goal to develop my career in some company that would primarily focus on software development. As a result, I received an offer I could not refuse and it came from a company named Symphony where I have been working almost three years.

Positive atmosphere that I felt through selection process is definitely a first thing I came across in Symphony. It is really both pleasure and honor to cooperate with smart, versatile and friendly people, have lots of opportunities for improving your skills as well as working in such an atypical environment.

The thing I like the most is the fact that this company sets an example that prejudices are only that – prejudices. Instead of a stereotype of a programmer as a person who is constantly sitting at the computer, has no social life nor interest in having it, as soon as you enter our
door you’ll see people that take good care of their health, keep being actively engaged in sports, have fun and laugh together, hang out with colleagues after work hours but still have enough time left for their families and other friends. Also, though the number of women in IT is lower than the number of men which can be seen in our company to some extent as well, I have never felt neither underestimated nor privileged by now. Every female colleague is a Software Engineer primarily so there is no space for gender prejudices in our company. What I like about Symphony is that we value someone’s potential and not only his/her current level of knowledge, which means that young people who might not have work experience but approach programming with enthusiasm and love are offered an opportunity to develop their skills and gain new knowledge. Also, what I like is that Symphony is a true international company – we have offices in San Francisco, Sarajevo and Belgrade and also our new team member who has recently joined us is a foreign citizen.

However, what I am most proud of are the projects I was involved in. Unlike other Android Developers that develop typical Android applications, I had a chance to develop various Android applications for ODG smart glasses. One of them is the app that will be used by NASA astronauts on space stations. I am satisfied with the communication I have with the client which makes the work atmosphere more relaxed. Besides developing applications for Android platform which I am primarily focused on, I always try to learn new technologies. I am a person who loves challenges in general and I do not like to work on the same domain for a long period, which is a reason why I enjoy working on all my new upcoming tasks.

They say the beginning is always the hardest and this is what I encountered when I entered the field of employment. There were some situations when I felt insecure as well as some big challenges when I doubted I would finish my tasks well. Support, mentoring and pieces of advice from more experienced colleagues meant a lot to me in this period and made me look at these situations as opportunities for improvement to develop both my skills and confidence. Therefore, I hope that everyone who wants to learn programming or has already started developing a career in IT, will be motivated by my example not to lose hope despite all the challenges and turn them into successes instead.


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Almina Haskić

Software engineer @Symphony

Almina Haskic is a software engineer who has been working on Android applications development in the past three years. She is trying to learn new technologies, but because of her engagement on an extremely interesting project she is still mainly focused on Android.
She spends her free time in running and going to the gym. Work at Symphony has given her the opportunity to travel so she is writing this blog post from sunny San Francisco.

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